Frequently Asked Questions?

How can I get whitelisted?

Check out our Discord "how to whitelist" channel for the updated details on the whitelist requirements.

How can I mint?

For whitelist members you will be added to a whitelist only channel where you will get the link to the presale mint. The rest of our members will be able to mint via our website on the determined public mint date. 

Who decides what happens with the charity fund?

Ultimately, the community will decide which charities we should invest our money in. There will be a vote held by our DAO members to determine how much of the Trashy Turtlez charity fund should be allocated to each charity. 

When does the mint go live?

Our pre-sale and public mint dates are not yet confirmed but will most likely be towards the end of Q2. Stay updated on our latest new via the Discord "announcement" channel! 

Which charities will we be donating to?

Charities are shown on the Our Partners page of our website.

How do I join the Trashy Turtlez DAO?

Once we verify your ownership of one of our NFTs, we will ask for your wallet address to add you into the organisation and grant you your token(s). Our tokens can be used as votes on different propositions submitted by yourself or other community members.

If you have any additional questions please contact us on our discord server, one of our tribe members will come back to you with an answer.